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This privacy policy also applies to the Facebook company page. Data protection statement THE QUIET NOW (in the sense of “website operator”)

The protection of your personal data is of particular concern to us. We therefore process your data exclusively on the basis of the legal regulations (DSGVO, TKG 2003). In this data protection information we inform you about the most important aspects of data processing on our website.

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In this statement you will learn how we treat personal data that becomes known to us when you use the website and the services of the website operator. This statement also covers the use of personal data by the website operator that we receive from our business partners and does not cover the use of data by companies independent of the website operator or persons who are neither employees nor agents of the website operator. The following examples are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all conceivable scenarios and procedures

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The website operator collects personal data when you set up a user account or when you use certain offers or services. In some cases, the website operator may also receive personal data from our business partners. When you create a user account, we ask you to provide your company name, your name, your address and your e-mail address. However, not all of these details are mandatory. The website operator automatically collects and stores information in our server logs which your browser transmits to us. The website operator uses the collected data to process orders for offers or services, to enable more efficient and effective working with the products and services and to inform you – with your consent – about special offers or new products.

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You have consented to the transmission;

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A subcontractor or vicarious agent whom we use in the context of the provision of the offers or services needs this data (such vicarious agents are only entitled to use the data insofar as this is necessary for the provision of the offer or service, unless you are expressly informed otherwise);

An enforceable official or judicial order exists or insofar as this is necessary to prevent an abusive use of our offers or services, in particular a use in violation of the general terms and conditions or special terms of use of the website operator in a legally permissible manner.

If you contact us by form on the website or by e-mail, the data you provide will be stored with us for six months for the purpose of processing your enquiry and in the event of follow-up questions. We will not pass on this data without your consent.

The Quiet now

owner: Georg Hartwig
Steyrergasse 72 | 8010 Graz | AT
phone: +43 650 20 20 747
mail: office(at)
label: Sevenahalf Records
company register: FN287662h
website: ONIMO studios

Black keys and white keys, harmony and disintegration, steps and waves. The album 'Einbaum' slips through the fingers but leaves a warm feeling, just like sand on Malhao Beach.

Nine musical pieces take an imaginative journey from the dry and stark soundscapes of the Gobi-desert to the solitude of Saint Joseph's Land in the Arctic circle via the foam-crested waters of Drake's Passage. The music gives hints and creates spaces, sets a course but lets the mind run free like a loose sail. 'Einbaum' translates as dugout-canoe and maybe this is an apt vessel for floating in these sparse piano structures and ephemeral synthesizer colorings.

Revising is Revisiting.

Currently I am revising my upcoming novel 'Tannhäuser Gate' for the umptiest time. Although I enjoy cutting the fat and trimming the script to a hopefully neat and toned structure, it still feels like traveling back to the places you have been visiting for almost too many times before. It gets harder and harder to spot new angles and unseen perspectives because you amble towards your same favorite cafe, because you are drawn to the same hidden beach, because you drive down your own memory lane.
How to get out of this conundrum? Well, fuck knows.
Maybe by scribbling a few lines of how to get out of that conundrum.
So here we are...

As a musician and producer I am used to avoiding attachment to specific recording-takes, certain arrangements, instrumentations or any other part of the production just because I or any other musician invested this and that much time to come up with a particular idea. I always tell myself: So what. If it don't gel, bin it. Get to the bones of the song, well, get to the marrow in fact because that is where the blood is made. (parts at least). And strip the rest like a drug-dealer at customs. For music it seems to work and I've become somewhat skilled at this (pat that back, pat it…)

But there is one big difference between music and literature: The average song runs for about 3 to 5 minutes, that's it. Finito, Thank you very much. A book is a much more elaborate construct, a substantially taller order.

So one needs to put a lot more distance between the work and oneself, be that in terms of time or a as a psychological construct by abstracting the structure, the plot and the characters. Any tips for doing this? I would be gratefully endeared...

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